AHA Kids Heart Challenge

Hello Chilton School Families,

 Kids Heart Challenge is almost here! Thank you for your support and help in educating students on how and why they need to take care of their hearts.

 On Monday, January 31st our school will kick things off by inviting students to jump on board our Kids Heart Challenge road trip to learn how to live a healthier life while helping others.

 Get a head start and scan or click the QR code to download the Kids Heart Challenge app or visit www.heart.org/khc to register under our school.

We know not every family may be able to donate, however, as part of Kids Heart Challenge, every student will benefit from the daily and weekly missions that will teach them about HOW and WHY they need to take care of their hearts. If you can help raise funds, the American Heart Association will put those dollars to work saving lives. Every dollar makes a difference. Be on a look out for weekly email updates!!

Why do we Support the American Heart Association? 1 out of 3 American adults have high blood pressure and don’t even know it. Funds raised enable the AHA to ensure 200 million patients are covered through Target BP and their local health care options. Taking a challenge to improve your heart is an important step in Finn’s Mission. Understand more about High Blood Pressure HERE.


Thank you!