Strength and Conditioning Workouts (Update)

June 15, 2020

Dear Parents, Athletes, and Athletic Personnel,

Thank you for an amazing start to our 2020-2021 athletic programs.  We have had tremendous attendance during our first week of summer conditioning and workouts.  After one week of evaluating our programs and setup, there are a few changes that we will need to make:

  1. We will extend our check-in stations toward the main parking lot of the secondary campus.  We want to ensure that all students are screened before they begin interacting with students and personnel.
  2. During the screening process, we are going to require all athletic personnel and students to wear face coverings.  We urge cloth, reusable coverings.  However, disposable coverings are appropriate.  Coverings must be worn during check-in, during station rotations, and during interactions with other in which social distancing cannot be maintained.  Students can remove masks during intense, individual workouts and drills.
  3. After check-in and temperature scans, students should sanitize hands prior to interacting with staff and other students presents.

The Chilton ISD Athletic Personnel will continue to sanitize all equipment and stations during rotations.  Additionally, we will continue to have students sanitize hands after each station rotation.  As we work through refining our processes, we will continue to keep you informed regarding changes.  We will continue to have some disposable masks on hand for this week, however, we encourage all parents to ensure that students have access to masks in the upcoming weeks for strength and conditioning workouts.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 254-546-1214 or via email at

Chris James, Athletic Director

Chilton ISD