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Good Morning Pirate Nation.  As many of you know, the Chilton ISD uses the 7 Mindsets Social and Emotional Learning curriculum throughout our district.  The purpose of the mindsets curriculum is to help our students and staff build the resilience and relational capacity necessary to be successful in school and in post-secondary life.  

During the month of December, the Chilton ISD  focused on the Live to Give mindset.  This month we transition to the Passion First Mindset that teaches us to embrace our uniqueness, explore individual talents and strengths, and to be willing to share your gifts with the world.  This month we will help students to demonstrate their passions by doing the following:

1.  Focusing On Strengths: We create the most value by doing thing in which we excel.

2.  Exploring Your Interest:  By doing things that we enjoy, we improve our focus and       performance.

3.  Make A Stand:  Challenges become stepping stones as we do those things in which we are passionate.

4.  Be Authentic:  You are the only one capable of living your dream.

For additional information regarding the 7 Mindsets curriculum, please visit or the 7 Mindsets website.