Regional Cross Country:  Alexus, Mariali, Makayla, Alesha, Caitlyn, Chasity & Brielle
8th Grade CC Champions at Gholson Meet
Homecoming Nominees: Shamal & Melissa
Hamilton CC Meet:  Makayla, Chasity, Aleah, Alesha, Brielle, Madison, Alexus & Olivia
Gholson CC Meet:  Zaquelius
Homecoming Nominees:  Madison & Zach
Go Texan Scholarship Winners:  Madison, Daniel , Brielle & Miasia (Not Pictured)
Melissa--State Qualifier in Tennis
School Board Members: Willis, Hall, Pruitt & Haak
Gholson CC Meet:  Brielle
Homecoming Pep Rally
Homecoming Nominees: Andrea & Daniel

****April 25-30 Monday-Band Concert....Tuesday-Texas Wildlife Association 7-9th grade...Wednesday-Texas Wildlife Association 7-9th grade, TSI Testing for 10-12th grade...Thursday-Junior high band students to Sandy Lake Fun Fest....Friday-Biology Students to Waco Wetlands, Track Regionals @ Palestine, Early Release 3:00 p.m....Saturday-Track Regionals @ Palestine****

News and Announcements


NEW SCHOLARSHIPS POSTED!!! Delta Sigma Theta, Military Officers Association of America, Navasota Valley Electric Cooperative, Chilton Volunteer Fire Department, West Brazos Water Supply Corporation, TSTC, EOAC, Chilton PTO, Booster Club, Youth Advisory Council, Texas Hospitality Association, Falls County Farm Bureau, Gamma Upsilon Chapter, Lorena Masonic Lodge, Horatio Alger National Career and Technical Scholarship & Chilton Ex-Students Association

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Student Spotlight

Congratulations!!! The March 2016 Students of the Month are Alicia Sanchez for the elementary, Isabel Gonzalez for the junior high school, and Carlos Fernandez for the high school.

Alicia is in the second grade. Her parent is Esmeralda Olguin. Alicia's loves reading, math, science, and writing, but her favorite class is math. In addition, Alicia loves to play outside as her favorite activity is tag!

Isabel is in the eighth grade. Her parents are Dalia and Toro Gonzalez. Isabel enjoys volunteering at rodeos and making commercials for rodeos. Isabel participates in band at Chilton. Her favorite class in Mr. Sather's Pre-AP Algebra I. Isabel likes to cook and aspires to be a chef when she graduates from high school.

Carlos is in the tenth grade. His parents are Esperanza and Margarito Fernandez. His hobbies include listening to music, playing guitar, playing video games, and watching movies. Carlos participates in band at Chilton. His favorite class is English. Outside of school, Carlos likes helping and working with his Dad.

Other nominations for February include the following:
Fourth Grade: Khris Gomez
Fifth Grade: Gissel Fernandez

Junior High School::
Sixth Grade - Caleb Butler and Raven Yarborough

High School::
Tenth Grade - Michaela McCord
Eleventh Grade - Taylor Harris
Twelve Grade - Brea McCuistion
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Upcoming Events

Track Regionals @ Palestine
Date: 4/30/2016
Teacher Appreciation Week
Date: 5/2/2016
EOC Algebra I
Date: 5/3/2016
Teacher Appreciation Week
Date: 5/3/2016
EOC Biology
Date: 5/4/2016