Dear Pirate Nation,

Inscribed on the district’s crest are the words “Per Aspera Ad Astra.” The translation of this Latin phrase means “Through difficulty, to the Stars.” For the second consecutive year, the Chilton I.S.D. has earned a ‘B’ rating based upon the A-F Accountability System. Though we understand that our students are more than a letter grade and standardized assessments, we choose to celebrate the efforts of our students, staff, and community. We celebrate because psychometric analyses released predicted that the Chilton I.S.D. would earn a ‘D’ rating based upon socio-economic and demographic indicators. For the past two years, we have demonstrated that We Are More. We are more than demographic data. We are more than preconceived notions. We are more than standardized assessments. We Are Pirates…And We Refuse To Sink!

Whether you are a student, parent, community member or employee, this is our legacy! Our legacy is to challenge each other toward continuous improvement. Our students cannot not suffer from a culture of low expectations and mediocrity. We Will Excel! Our students will not suffer due to opportunity gaps. We Will Experience and Explore!

Consider this analogy: As a young butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, it does so with great struggle. However, it is in this struggle that the wings are strengthened due to increased blood flow caused by the added resistance. Without the temporary discomfort associated with the struggle, the butterfly would never take flight. Understand that the Chilton ISD will challenge you. However, within that challenge you will find the necessary support to ensure growth and progress. Furthermore, understand that your legacy is not defined by struggle. Legacy, however, is defined by the ability to take flight despite hardships and circumstances.

As we begin the 2019-2020 school year, we are committed to refining our areas of weakness and building upon our successes. As a part of this legacy, please understand that the process of improvement is not always comfortable. However, we encourage you to trust the process.

I am blessed and privileged to serve as the leader of the Chilton I.S.D. I am further confident that we are building a system of education in which our community will be proud. Thank you for participating in the tremendous legacy of excellence in Chilton I.S.D. Thank you for choosing Chilton I.S.D.

Per Aspera Ad Astra,

Brandon K. Hubbard, Superintendent of Schools