Pirate Nation,

On Friday, September 9, 2022, there was a report made to district administration that a male subject was under the bleachers accosting several children under the bleachers.  Once notified, district administration approached the subject and began questioning him about his presence at the game, while also contacting the deputy on duty for assistance.  At this point, the male subject began heading to the exit gate.  >span class="apple-converted-space">  >span class="apple-converted-space">  >span class="apple-converted-space">  If you have any additional information as it relates to this incident, please contact Dr. Brandon Hubbard at Chilton ISD or Deputy W. Derrick Johnson with Falls County Sheriff’s Department.

 As a result of this incident, we will make some immediate changes to our operational procedures during home football games:

  • All gates will be locked except for those used as the main entrance and exit.  Emergency personnel, band boosters, coaches, and sponsors will need to contact Dr. Hubbard to gain access from other access points.  All utility gates, storage gates, etc. will remain locked at all times.
  •  No one will be allowed past those sections unless they have the following: criminal background clearance as an employee or volunteer, press credentials, clearance from the AD - with appropriate criminal clearance, a first responder, or a designated vendor.   
  • We encourage parents to keep your children with you and/or maintain visual contact with your children at all times.  It has been an on-going tradition, since I can remember, that our future student-athletes have played football on the grass.  However, I must now caution against that practice because of incidents such as this one.

  It is our goal to keep our students, staff, and community as safe as possible.  

 Should you have additional questions or information, please contact Dr. Brandon Hubbard at 254-546-1227 or via email at bhubbard@chiltonisd.org.  Thank you for helping us to better ensure the safety of our students.


Dr. Brandon K. Hubbard

Superintendent of Schools

Chilton ISD