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On Friday, August 21, 2020 the Chilton ISD will host a COVID-19 testing clinic in the Chilton ISD Gymnasium.  The testing event is available for Chilton ISD Employees and families and those community members connected to the Chilton ISD.  The testing clinic will test for an active, viral infection using a nasal swab.  In addition, participants can be tested for antibodies with a blood draw.  Participants can sign up prior to Monday, August 17, 2020 using the link below :

Here to Schedule COVID Testing

All of the necessary forms the testing clinic can be retrieved using the following link:

Those testing should be a copy of a valid state identification card and a copy of the front and back side of the insurance card.  Individuals without insurance coverage should complete the uninsured patient document.  

Any questions regarding the testing clinic can be directed to Mr. Brandon Hubbard at 254-546-1227.