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Superintendent's Message

In thinking about the task ahead, one of my favorite passages from Nehemiah 2:18 comes to mind, "...Let us rise and build.  Then they set their hands to this good work."  Per Aspera ad Astra literally means "through difficulties to the stars."  Our Chilton ISD adaptation of this motto will be To Excellence Through Effort.  As a district we will pursue:
  • Excellence in Core Academics
  • Excellence in Experiential Learning
  • Excellence in Personal and Character Development
  • Excellence in Community Relations
Pursuing excellence embodies the deconstruction and retooling of mediocre missions, mindsets and methodologies.  Unfortunately, student dreams are often assassinated by a culture of low expectations, indifference and cynicism.  Our level of success as a district will never exceed the bounds of our expectations.  During the 2016-2017 school year, WE will be challenged!  Our first challenge is to alleviate opportunity gaps.  We must reflect on our system and ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn at the highest levels.  In addition, we must eliminate the expectations gap.  Our culture must be such that we expect each student to reach academic and social success.  We cannot accept nor expect low performance.  We must endeavor to raise our expectations and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that our performance meets our elevated ambition.  The Chilton ISD WILL exceed expectations.
As we approach the 2016-2017 school year, we want to continue the Chilton Pirate legacy of excellence in Mission...Mindset...Method.  Let us set our hands to this good work and BUILD our students, our school, our community and each other.
Per Aspera Ad Astra,
Brandon K. Hubbard
Superintendent of Schools
Chilton ISD