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Welcome to the new Chilton School Website!  We are excited to provide information to the Chilton ISD community and parents! 
Our vision statement is students FIRST!  The district provides a safe, nurturnig environment where excellence is expected and teamwork is encouraged.  Parents and community members support the high standards set forth by the school board, administration, faculty and staff.  As a result, our students are socially responsible and fully equipped to excel in any future endeavor.  Chilton ISD is a source of pride for its students and their community! 
We suopport our mission by providing an educational system which prepares our children to be productive citizens.  We accept the responsibility in cooperation with home and church.  The basic function of education in Chilton ISD is to give every student the opportunity to develop into a productive citizen.  Those responsible for the education of students endeavor to recognize the possibilities and limitations of individuals in guiding them in appropriate learning situations.  Quality instruction will be provided at the highest level possible with equality for all students by trained, dedicated professionals.
As the principal in the Elementary School, I am committed to uphold these principles and implore parents, community leaders, and all citizens in the surrounding district communities to join with us in this endeavor.  Thanks to all the great educators who helped pave the way to success!  Chilton School Distric is the best! 
2009-2010 Texas Education Agency Exemplary Rating!
Gladys Graves
Elementary Principal
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