2018-2019 Employee Convocation Speaker

Dane Rodriguez, Chilton ISD Class of 2013

My name is Klade Dane Rodriguez and I was born on December 9, 1994, in 
Temple, Texas. My mother’s name is Josie Rodriguez and my father’s name is 
Vernon Rodriguez. I have four older siblings: Slade, Disha, Rico, and Mona 
Rodriguez. I live in Satin, Texas and I am a high school and college graduate. I earned 
my high school diploma from Chilton High School on June 6, 2013. I have two 
Associate Degrees that I graduated with in December of 2014 and May of 2015. I also 
earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Exercise Physiology in May of 2018 from 
Texas A&M University. 
Who am I?  
I have an unbending desire for expanding my knowledge, an unrelenting 
persistence to achieve set goals, and the ability to overcome and accelerate past 
impediments. Confidence and perseverance are two primary traits that represent me. 
Without continuous self-confidence, an individual would give into difficult situations 
and miss out on successful outcomes. The firm self-confidence I have will allow me 
to leap into my fears and conquer them and will help me to avoid giving into tough 
situations. As I continue to develop and grow past my educational aspirations I see 
that my firm self-perseverance is a key role to becoming a successful professional.   
My experiences. 
While attending Chilton High School I was a part of numerous leadership roles. 
Whether it was being a consecutive class president or co-captain of the football team, 
I somehow always found myself attempting to guide and direct someone. One thing I 
did learn from all the influential positions at Chilton High was group dynamics. At the 
time, I didn’t know how impactful the learning of dynamics within a group would be 
until I graduated. Being able to lead, collaborate and accentuate people’s strengths 
within a group allowed for a rewarding and productive experience for everyone that 
was a part of the team. This skill set continued to evolve even as I progressed into my 
postsecondary educational pursuits. Even though at the time of graduation I had been 
accepted into all the major universities I applied to (Baylor, Texas A&M, and 
University of Texas), I felt that I wasn’t quite ready to burden my family with 
additional financial strains, since my brother was still attending Baylor University at 
the time.  
Once I made my final decision of attending McLennan Community College, 
many doors, scholarship and opportunity wise began to open. I begin to understand 
that this was the right move for me and it was my calling to start off on a successful 
path. I was given the privilege at McLennan Community College to be a First 
Generation Scholar. This was a significant blessing since it was my first full-ride to 
pursuing my collegiate career. Next, I was given another opportunity to work as a 
student athletic trainer under the direct supervision of the head trainer at MCC. I was 
able to experience my future career field in Kinesiology by receiving hands-on 
training with over seven distinct sports and hundreds of athletes. More opportunities 
begin to open for me at MCC including Achieving the Dream, where I was one of the 
two students to be selected on the executive leadership committee to represent the 
entire student body at MCC. This team allowed me to collaborate with MCC’s 
department heads, the board of directors, the president, and the mayor of Waco in 
order to discuss the expansion of MCC’s success. After accepting many incredible 
opportunities at MCC, my time had finally come to end upon graduation with my 
second degree and my next phase of postsecondary education with Texas A&M 
University was about to begin.  
With the outstanding curriculum and desire for “dissemination of knowledge” 
at TAMU, I knew that I would be able to fulfill my goals and create new and 
ambitious ones for my future within the field of Sports Medicine, which is why I 
chose Texas A&M as my next opportunity. TAMU was definitely an educational leap 
for me when I begin. I was again given the chance to work as a student athletic trainer 
with multiple teams including Texas A&M Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Within 
each internship, I learned a multitude of knowledge and my undying ambition and 
commitment to helping improve people’s overall well-being continued to grow as I 
attempted to fulfill this continuous lifelong goal. Throughout my educational journey, 
TAMU continued to help teach, guide, and distribute countless amounts of knowledge 
to not only myself but to those who surrounded me. Having had the honor to graduate 
and be a part of such a prodigious and historical university was a remarkable 
achievement, one that I hold very dear. 
What's my outlook and goals for the future? 
I have set many compelling life goals in my lifetime, although none have more 
importance than what I see myself doing as my career. My primary goal and objective 
for my career are to become a professionally licensed physical therapist and work for 
a collegiate or professional sports team. I am committed to helping and providing aid 
to the people who are in need, whether it being an athlete, civilian, or even a stranger. 
I will continue to challenge myself and overcome any impediments that lie in front of 
me in order to accomplish it. 
Throughout my life, I have learned that the more I can give back and help 
others, the more happiness I end up receiving in return. My ardent strive for 
expanding my intelligence and pursuing my lifelong goal of not only making a name 
for myself within the Sports Medicine field but also earning a Doctoral Degree of 
Physical Therapy will never extinguish or burn out. To be successful an individual 
must have an unrelenting commitment, a ceaseless passion to succeed and overcome, 
and unbreakable self-confidence, all of which I embody and incorporate to every 
educational and life pursuit.  

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