NEW DISMISSAL PROCEDURES FOR GAZEBO pick-up beginning on Monday!


Beginning Monday, September 25, 2017, end of the day dismissal procedures will change to increase safety for our students. 

The following changes will begin and affect your child/children in elementary:

  1. Students who were normally considered Gazebo (taken to the gazebo and released to parents who work for Chilton or older siblings) will no longer go to the gazebo.
  2. Teacher/Staff children will be brought to their parents in the high school at 3:50 pm Monday through Thursday; 3:00 on Fridays.
  3. Cafeteria staff children will be brought to the cafeteria at 3:50 pm Monday through Thursday; 3:00 on Fridays.
  4. Non-staff students who normally meet their parents or older siblings will be released at the pick-up point in the back of the elementary building. 
    1. Parents will need to drive through the line to pick up elementary students either before or after they pick up their secondary student. 
    2. Secondary siblings that drive will need to drive through the pick-up point to pick up their siblings.
    3. Just to be clear; parents and/or siblings that drive to school will need to drive in the line to pick up siblings!!  Do NOT park and walk up to get the students from the school!

It is in the best interest of SAFETY for every student to know who is picking up a child!

  1. Students or parents that walk up to the school to pick up their children will also go to the back to sign out their students until we can establish a routine and familiarity for those individuals! 


So, just to be clear:

          Monday, September 25, 2017—No more GAZEBO!

  1. Begin new dismissal procedures for student previously leaving from the GAZEBO!
  2. Staff/Employee children will be taken to their parent’s building.
  3. Parents/Siblings that drive will pick up students by driving in the line procedure.
  4. Parents/Siblings that walk to pick up students will go to the back, pick-up area and sign the students out for the first two weeks or until the teachers are familiar with the person picking up the students!


This is for the safety of all Chilton elementary students!


Please contact me if you have questions or conflicts with the new procedures.

254 546-1226 or 254 412-9642.

   Thank you in advance!

          Gladys Graves

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